Thought Cloud CBD Oil Review

CBD oil has become insanely popular thanks to its many positive implications on health. The miracle ingredient has the power to provide you relief from the most persistent of pains, problems with sleep, anxiety, inflammation, and more. But since CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant, many people still associate it with marijuana, a recreational drug made using the same hemp plant.

What people don’t realize is that CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid in the hemp plant. The hemp plant is made of hundreds of cannabinoids including THC, the main component of the plant that is associated with a ‘high’ like feeling and psychoactive effects. CBD is also not similar to medical marijuana products because most of these medicines have THC in them.

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CBD oil has become so popular that it has triggered a boom in CBD oil vendors. It means that more and more businesses are now manufacturing products containing cannabinoid oil. This also means that some of these companies are using substandard hemp plant as well as dubious methods to extract the oil itself. And when you do not put in the extra care or money to extract the oil properly, there is a high chance that significant traces of THC makes its way into the product.

That is why if you plan to try or buy CBD oil, we always recommend getting it from a reputable company. To help you find the best CBD oil company, we work hard to test all CBD oil-related products from the industry. Today we’re reviewing Thought Cloud, one of the very first few companies that made use of CBD oil in various products.

Thought Cloud is renowned in the CBD oil industry for producing pure CBD oil derived from hemp plants sourced from Colorado. Since the brand uses high-end technology to extract CBD from the hemp plant, there are no traces of THC in their products. This means that not only the CBD oil from Thought Cloud doesn’t cause a ‘high’ or addiction, it also means that their products are legal to buy in all 50 states.

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About Thought Cloud

Thought Cloud was founded by a holistic medical practitioner, Leo Pena, in 2017. The founder believed in curing diseases naturally and when he heard about the natural medicinal properties of CBD, he wanted to create his own brand and make the best use of CBD oil. And from the very first day, the company has strived to produce the purest and highest quality of CBD products. Their mission has always been to provide 100% pure organic CBD oil that is free from harmful additives, artificial fragrances, preservatives, and other harmful chemicals.

Each and every product listed on Thought Cloud has been carefully tested in a third-party lab to ensure no traces of THC remains. Most of their pure CBD oil products have less than 0.03% of THC which means that its impossible to get high. It also means that you can get their products shipped to all 50 states of the country as well as worldwide.

What Makes Thought Cloud Different From Other Brands

Let’s be honest, pure and organic CBD oil products are nearly impossible to find in the U.S. A lot of CBD oil manufacturers claim to use high-end technology to extract CBD oil but fail to provide enough evidence. If a company isn’t using good practices to extract oil from the hemp plant, there is a high chance that significant traces of THC will make it to the end product.

Thought Cloud uses proprietary technology to ensure that CBD oil is extracted in such a way that no other cannabinoid from the hemp plant, include THC, makes it to the final product. Here are some other reasons why we love Thought Cloud as a company.

Huge Variety of Products

Thought Cloud has a very large and varied product list made for individual needs. Since CBD oil can be consumed in a variety of ways, Thought Cloud has made sure that it is available in all variations. For example, if you are looking for a topical solution for pain relief, you’ll find it listed by the brand. And if you like consuming CBD oil through a capsule, you can even find those listed.

Similarly, you’ll also find vape pens, juices, bath bombs, tinctures, and pain management balms from the company. There is literally a product for every kind of application of CBD available from this brand.

Super Fast Shipping

One of the best things about Thought Cloud CBD is that it gets shipped to you on the very same day you place your order. The company has partnered with the country’s best courier services to provide you super fast shipping. We have tried some other CBD oil companies and nearly every time the shipping can take up to 7 days to arrive. With Thought Cloud, it usually takes 2-3 days.

Money Back Guarantee

Thought Cloud is so confident in their product that they boldly offer a 30-day full money back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with any of their product, you can simply return the package and get all your money back. No questions will be asked. But as someone who has tried their products, I can personally guarantee that you’ll never need to return their products.

Low THC Content

As mentioned earlier, Thought Cloud products have less than 0.03% THC, making it one of the few brands that actually have the purest CBD oil products in the industry.


If you’re looking to try out CBD oil, we cannot recommend any other brand than Though Cloud. There are just too many positive reasons to try their CBD oil. Since the company provides you with pure CBD oil backed with considerable evidence, we think that is convincing enough.

We highly recommend trying out their tinctures, balms, and bath bombs. Once you use the products from this brand, you are not going to look elsewhere.

Marijuana and How it Effects Your Sex Life

I came across a good article about marijuana and its effect on sex life. It got me really intrigued so I decided to delve into this subject more seriously.

There’s a growth of niches that highlights the amazing benefits of marijuana with the legalization of marijuana across different countries. From eye creams to skin care products, you can find a lot of popular products incorporated with CBD. And now, you can find some marijuana lube sold at dispensaries.

These sex products claim that marijuana improves sex. However, there are still some who think otherwise.

A urologist at Stanford University said that people had a different perception about marijuana back then. There have been talks that marijuana results in poor sexual control and activity. There were also studies that claimed that marijuana restricts you from reaching orgasm, degrades sperm quality, and even cause an irregular menstrual cycle.

On the other hand, there have been endless testimonials about the interesting benefits of cannabis sex products. Users claimed that the cannabis lubricant helps prolong orgasm. Users of cannabis tampons also share a great relief from menstrual pains. Other studies of cannabis sex products are still ongoing so it would be interesting to hear the results once they’re done.

However, there are doubts whether the cannabis ingredient should take the credit for the effectiveness of these products. Take the cannabis lube for example. This product includes another potent lubricant which is coconut oil. Can we put the credit to coconut oil, too?

While people are still doubtful about the effects of cannabis lube on your sex life, one thing remains irrefutable – marijuana helps you relax. Most physicians prescribe medical marijuana to treat anxiety, low sex drive, or orgasm problems. Naturally, someone will always get super high and will most probably be able to focus on the current task.

Perhaps, the most unbelievable information that I discovered about marijuana is its ability to increase your sex stamina.

According to a study printed in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men and women who had used marijuana had more sex than those who didn’t. The sex activity of men had an increase of 22% while women had a whopping increase of 34%. It’s important to note that this data is self-reported so you can’t really be sure of its credibility.

In my own experience, I do have some good effects when I use marijuana. I become open-minded and driven to do almost anything. I also observed that my sexual desires and stamina are stronger.